Our Community Work

Savills Vietnam

Our people are committed to being actively involved in their communities, supporting local initiatives, charities and community-related activities.

As well as delivering social benefits, we believe that greater community engagement increases employee commitment and provides real-life development opportunities. This ethos is an integral part of our training scheme to Savills staffs.

In Vietnam, we activate the "Savills Care" campaign, in which Savills Vietnam industry award fees were redirected to better benefit local people and society. This program will continue with Savills bringing focus to activities supporting children education.

Savills Vietnam has cooperated with Blue Dragon since 2013 via various charity work, including financial and resource support aimed to enhance children’s wellbeing. In 2018, with the mutual focus on education – the key to end the poverty cycle, Savills Vietnam and Blue Dragon have aligned the Savills Cares campaign and Blue Dragon’s Tertiary Student Support Programme to support education for children in need. Savills Cares fund will provide 10 two – year scholarships, which will cover tuition fees as well as living allowance, for 10 university students in Blue Dragon’s Tertiary Student Support Programme. Savills Vietnam and Blue Dragon will also work together to design training programmes for students, covering soft skills training, career workshops and real estate courses from Savills experts. These programmes aim to put office jobs, particularly jobs in real estate industry in a friendlier and more realistic perspective for students in Blue Dragon, thus helping them shape and build their career paths before graduation.