Planning Advisory

It is critical that the developer has a clear business plan of what, how and when to develop their project. A comprehensive study is critical to ensure that the project matches with the market, the developer’s budget and strategies, the potential buyers or the target guests. Savills Hotels provides a full range of advisory to support the developer on the project’s concept.

    • Market Study: An in depth analysis of the hotel and resort market in a specific destination including economic environment, market trends, development performance and market outlook (possible risks and opportunities). The market study will help with investment decisions and formulating the next steps in the planning process.
    • Cash Flow Analysis: Closely examines the Cash Flow dynamics of the proposed development option to answer various questions regarding its financial aspects (e.g. Is the project feasible? How strong is the Cash Flow generated and does it have the ability to cover the loan? What is the expected return on investment?).
    • Feasibility Study: A customized Feasibility Study based on the Client’s specific needs to determine the financial viability of the selected development option as well as to identify the highest and best use of the land. The Feasibility Study includes but not limited to the Market Study, Site Analysis and Cash Flow Analysis.
    • Development Recommendations: Ensures that the concept plan is optimized not just in terms of aesthetics, but is also functional, maximizes operational efficiency and is aligned with future market trends. Detailed recommendations are given on a large range of project parameters such as design, facilities, pricing, costing, phasing and operational related indicators.
    • Master Plan Review: Defines the master plan direction in terms of concept and design. The review will ensure that the preliminary master plan design concepts are carefully considered while all project components are seamlessly integrated and the phasing does not interfere with the project operation and sale.



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