With a multitude of uncertain macro variables in Vietnam, accurate property market research is crucial in minimising downside risks. Savills can provide refined research to ensure all unknown variables are quantified so that projects have the maximum opportunity for success.

Each member of the Savills Advisory Service team has a deep understanding of local property market segments. Our industry recognised and respected senior management lead, mentor and inspire 1000 professionals with years of industry knowledge and experience. Our multi-disciplinary and objective approach is supported by the Savills Global Network which enables full access to regional and global property intelligence. If you're looking for district, province, national, country, regional or global best support, best contact Savills.

Whether working for an institution, developer or private investor, we always tailor our services to fit individual requirements. Our independent analysis and commentary combined with regional commercial property knowledge is what gives us our strong reputation for producing accurate and informed insights into the latest trends and market forecasting. We know all commercial markets inside-out, with all of our directors holding more than 10 years’ experience in their respective disciplines, covering business space, retail, industrial and logistics, hotels and leisure. Having such wide coverage, our specialism is our ability to advise on multiple types of commercial real estate at the same time, placing us in the unique position of being able to help clients on complicated mixed use development projects and investor’s asset-allocation strategies.

Related Services


Hotel Development & Management Consultancy

With a strong understanding of the local real estate market, our Hotel team is able to provide a wealth of experience, knowledge and a deep analyst of the hospitality market. A comprehensive study is critical to ensure that the project matches with the market, the developer’s budget and strategies, the potential buyers or the target guests. We provides a full range of advisory to support the developer on the project’s concept.


Industrial & Logistic Consultancy

Our development and market research consultancies provide the best support for companies considering a move here. In-depth assessment and identifying the ‘best-fit’ land for operations make complex market entry simple.