Our specialist consultancy teams draw on industry knowledge, experience and emerging trends to deliver client specific advice and counsel.

Whether you’re a seasoned home owner, a first-time buyer, an owner of land or a commercial portfolio, our advice is always tailored and transparent. Our strong market knowledge, informed by in-house sector-leading research, ensures you receive the best possible advice every time, whatever your needs.

Related Services


Hotel Development & Management Consultancy

Our team's experience and expertise enables a deep understanding of hospitality. Comprehensive advisory services ensure projects align with market trends. Developer concepts, budget and strategies become enhanced, potential buyers identified and/or potential users targeted. Check in here.


Industrial & Logistic Consultancy

Our development and market research consultancies provide the best support for companies considering a move here. In-depth assessment and identifying the ‘best-fit’ land for operations make complex market entry simple.


Telecoms Consultancy

Acquiring, designing and building a telecommunications site needs the best possible support. With over 25 years experience we are confident our expertise is the best for you.


Retirement Living Development Consultancy

Our healthcare consultancy specialists are dedicated to offering a range of bespoke services relating to healthcare real estate. We cover anything and everything that relates to the sector, from planning, demographics, feasibility and development, through to valuation and investment.


Utilities, Oils & Gas Development Consultancy

As an energy or infrastructure project moves from concept to construction, Savills specialists can guide you smoothly and productively every step of the way. Our specialist project managers manage these complex processes and procedures for utility companies, developers, investors and private developers, using our own bespoke systems to facilitate efficiency, effectiveness and quality.