Research and Consultancy

Research often confirms instinct. It also brings the necessary, pragmatic and impartial scrutiny to everything affecting a project/investment approach and performance to save time, energy and money. There are a multitude of uncertain variables in Viet Nam and real estate is no different. Our experience successfully working here for over 20 years has seen us as the first international agency here, to now, the biggest and most successful international property services agency in Viet Nam. Our standards are integrity, accuracy and professionalism in close support and we enjoy working harder to maintain our Number One in market status. If you have any enquiries, or need the most appropriate project quote, please contact us.


How we can help you

If you need insights and analysis of any property segment, valuations, investment advice and opprotunities, contact us. Any property decision made better starts with contacting Savills.


Savills Advisory Service Team: Leading Expertise

Each member of the Savills Advisory Service team has a deep understanding of local property market segments. Our industry recognised and respected senior management lead, mentor and inspire 800 professionals with years of industry knowledge and experience. Our multi-disciplinary and objective approach is supported by the Savills Global Network which enables full access to regional and global property intelligence. If you're looking for district, province, national, country, regional or global best support, best contact Savills.


Quarterly Market Report (QMR)

All property segments are constantly monitored and analysed by our research teams up and down the country. Our QMR are designed to keep you informed of what's been going on, what has been going on and what will very likely happen. Keep informed. Subscribe today

Specific Market Studies (SMS)

Bespoke research and analysis into any property approach of any scale under consideration. Mitigate risk and maximise your approach. Specialist support across all aspects of the industry.

Concept Development Recommendation (CDR)

An impartial development study to determine and define a project optimal outcome. We call it the 'highest and best' use. Deep dive analysis into location, infrastructure and competition, supply and demand, competition, area analysis, future affects and effects. Quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the most suitable approach, scale, product mix, phasing, marketing and launch. We are quietly pleased to have increased returns in many projects with our recommendations - sometimes significantly. Confirm your approach or revaluate your approach. If there is hidden value awaiting discovery, we will find it.


We employ two key methods: focus group discussion (FGDs) and quantitative (face-to-face). Our surveys are designed to find the key actionable insights to support our clients realise the best project approach and goals - no matter how big.

Ad Hoc Consulting

Economic Analysis to better understand the property industry drivers. Population studies and demographic modelling to determine future absorption rates. Retail studies to determine consumption trends and changing and emerging consumer behaviours. Land use planning and infrastructure development. Regional benchmarking and performance. Geographic Information System (GIS). Anything to do with property and investment. Go with the experts trusted for over 20 years in market. For the highest and best in the business contact Savills.


Key contacts

Troy Griffiths

Troy Griffiths

Deputy Managing Director
Central Management

Savills HCMC

+84 933 276 663


Hang Do Thi Thu

Hang Do Thi Thu

Associate Director
Advisory Services

Savills Hanoi

+84 912 000 530


Trang Vo Thi Khanh

Trang Vo Thi Khanh

Head of Research

Savills HCMC

+84 28 3823 9205 Ext 194



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Urban Transportation

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