Banking and Corporate Services

With the largest international and local valuation team in Viet Nam, our professionals provide leading-edge valuation and corporate services for banks and those requiring the best informed property decisions. Our systems and processes are all international standard and the most advanced in the region. Measures are constantly applied to mitigate risk. Deep knowledge in each member of the BCS team allows greater accuracy in understanding of the local property market. We employ an objective and multi-disciplinary approach and have broad and deep local, regional and global intelligence. Working with Savills ensures and allows the highest level of collaboration with the local Banking & Financial services sector.


What you get

Our long-standing field experience in conducting large scale and complex qualitative studies is a guarantee of quality results for your research urges. With the database constantly updated since 1995, Savills Research is the best way for you to discover all property sectors and real-time market perspectives.


Our expertise

Savills employs over 800 experienced and professional staff nationwide. Competitive advantages of Savills Advisory Services are:

  • A continuously updated and comprehensive database
  • Coverage of all property sectors in the ten largest cities in Vietnam and regional cities
  • A deep and accurate understanding of the Vietnamese property market
  • An objective and multi-disciplinary approach
  • Access to regional and global intelligence
  • A high level of integration within the Vietnam financial services sector 


Professional, Banking and Finance sector recognised valuations for mortgage security purposes. Any property type, be it a condotel in Da Nang, a new township development, a major industrial facility. Intangible assets value such as plant, equipment, even ships, quays and car parking we can identify accurately and realistically. We use world recognised international standards and methodologies to deliver accurate and trusted valuations.


Key contacts

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Troy Griffiths

Deputy Managing Director
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