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Savills officially launches SPMS

With 4 million sq m of residential and commercial projects under management, including around 40,000 apartment units, Savills Vietnam has developed an exclusive communication channel in order to connect the Savills Property Management team and the residents in these buildings.

Developed by the experienced Savills team, SPMS is the official and direct communication channel between developer, residents and tenants. The new software is expected to set a new standard in Property Management and address the needs of residents, ensuring the integrated operation of the building.

The mobile application offers an immediate and personalized response to requests and demands via an automated system. Providing a clear passage of communication between residents and property managers, SPMS also enables residents to process bills and book building amenities with a few simple clicks.

Savills Vietnam has utilized technological advances and new consumer attitudes in order to create this bespoke software solution.


SPMS is a user-friendly, management information system available via mobile application and a centralized website. SPMS will provide residents and the management team/board with numerous features including:

For Residents:

  1. Work Order
  2. Visitor Registrations 
  3. Online forms application
  4. Amenities’ Booking
  5. Events calendar
  6. Online payments (deposits and invoices)
  7. Library

For Management team/Board of Committee/Developer:

  1. Resident and Unit Profiles
  2. Work Order (to staff)
  3. Fee Notifications
  4. Staff Management
  5. Resident’s feedback management
  6. Online reports
  7. Partners Information
  8. Communication

SPMS has been integrated in projects managed by Savills Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang. The application will be updated regularly with new features to make all operational process more convenient and streamlined.

Mr. Neil MacGregor, Managing Director of Savills Vietnam said: “Savills Vietnam recognises the impact of technology in optimizing property management services and improving the lives of residents. SPMS was developed by our dedicated team in Vietnam, who have directly worked with developers and residents on a daily basis to ensure the success of the application. We strongly believe that our investment in SPMS will pave a new path in real estate technology and strengthen our market leading position, especially within the property management sector.

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