Resident Solution

With the view of property management as a customer-oriented service, Savills is constantly listening and maintaining a close relationship with our clients to ensure the solutions and services meets to different requirements, provide facilitate efficient management and optimizing the value of your assets.

Term maintenance & Oversight

  • Utilities, mechanical & electrical systems
  • Fixtures, fittings, furniture and all system
  • Regular maintenance schedules as required
  • Damage alerts
  • Emergency 24/7 support

Authorized household agent

  • Sign up, temporary residence and absence management
  • Bill payment services
  • Manage tenant lease, rent and charges
  • Reimbursement of payments
  • Managing rental services agencies (BUY TO LET) as required

Why Savills Resident Solution?

  • Established and proven professional services
  • Simplify tenant and unit management
  • Economical
  • Public liability insurance
  • Warranty policy
  • Reputable suppliers at preferential prices
  • 10% discount for 1 year rental contract

Who does Resident Solution serve?

  • Owners, leaseholders and tenants
  • Owners with multiple units
  • Owners living overseas or outside HCMC
  • Owners with busy schedules

Key contacts