Chief Engineer

Job Title: Chief M&E
Department: Property Management
Reports functionally to: Property Manager
Direct Administrative Reports: Property Manager and/or Head of Department


Position Overview – Chief M&E is to consultant of building managed by Savills in maintain all aspects of the building’s condition, particularly in regard to the internal and external appearance of the building and to maintain, repair and/or replace mechanical and electrical (M&E) equipment, to ensure that the building’s M&E equipment is, and will continue to, function in the most reliable, efficient and safe manner possible. He/she should report regularly to advise and provide recommendations aimed at controlling costs for expendable items and/or organize, supervise and mobilize internal staff or contractors to complete necessary works or maintenance, where necessary and in a timely manner.



  • All Mechanical and Electrical Equipments within the Property
  • Direct supervision of any and all outsourced contractors in regards to maintenance and repairs throughout the building
  • The external and internal waterproofing, fabric, structure and decorative appearance of the Property
  • Electrical Supply and Electrical Backup System
  • Water Supply
  • Waste Water/Sewage Treatment
  • AC Supply
  • Fire Safety and Prevention Systems
  • Tenant Requests

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Ensures department goals can be met at all times
2. Set-up and implement department’s operation procedures and performance standards
3. Ensure that the electricity & water consumption is checked everyday
4. Training, supervising, evaluating and where necessary, disciplining of Engineering Staff
5. Assist and advise in regard to departmental budgeting
6. Prepare daily work schedules for staff and follow up on the completion of tasks
7. Prepare daily, weekly, monthly and yearly preventative maintenance schedules and follow up
8. Check and where necessary implement maintenance in regard to the electrical systems schedule
9. Prepare Staff schedule and annual leave allowances
10. Review all logbooks on a daily basis and investigate any discrepancies
11. Prepare monthly departmental report including:
        a. Completed & outstanding projects
        b. Completed & outstanding Tenant Requests/requirements
        c. Completed & outstanding preventative maintenance
        d. Additional & future departmental requirements and recommendations, as required
        e. Emergency procedures/drills and training
12. Order and follow-up the materials & tools needs
13. Ensure that the Engineering office, working station and store are kept clean & properly tidy
14. Supervise all relevant Contractors working in Property, follow them up, check them out if whether or not they comply with the fitting-out documents (floor plans, electrical wiring...). In case the contractors are in offence, immediately stop their work and report to the Chief Engineering or/and MOB
15. Check the state of the common areas & asset after contractor works completion, inform the Accounting Department (since it holds the deposit) if those are in good state to the MOB satisfaction
16. Ensure that all main mechanical & electrical equipment is kept clean and tidy, operational and running at top efficiency. Report any and all defects and proposed solutions, quotations etc. – and in particular any situations requiring urgent attention - to the Property Manager in a responsible and timely manner
17. Ensure that all mechanical, electrical and other equipment complies with both practical and official health and safety standards
18. Ensure that all mechanical, electrical and other equipment is regularly serviced by a recognized, competent service provider, in compliance with recommendations and/or requirements set out in the manufacturer’s handbook
19. Provide solution/suggestions for repair, replacement or upgrading the building’s structure and fabric, mechanical, electrical and other equipment, as well as reporting on any future requirements for upgrading and replacement of equipment, as and when necessary
20. Physically oversee, supervise and record maintenance checkups and necessary works on building structure and fabric and main items of equipment etc
21. Ensure that the building and common areas – interior and exterior - are consistently kept in a good condition and appearance, reporting any defects and proposed solutions to the Property Manager in a timely and responsible manner
22. Physically inspect each office after tenants check-out and create a specification sheet detailing all required engineering and/or maintenance tasks to be done to ensure the unit is ready and available for safe, comfortable occupancy within the shortest amount of time possible
23. Specifically report on and record (photographically and in writing) the condition of any recently vacated office left in poor/damaged state by outgoing tenants - i.e. considered beyond “reasonable wear and tear” – for possible use as evidence in the event of any future dispute
24. Follow up on work being carried out in each vacated office and report to the Property Manager any possible delays and/or problems
25. Ensure that offices and items therein, worked on by maintenance staff is left in a clean and tidy state following completion of works
26. Ensure that all Tenant requests/complaints are followed up in a helpful efficient and timely manner
27. Liaise directly with other department heads in regards to engineering works to be carried out and upon completion
28. Liaise, as required, with local authorities and/or boards to obtain all necessary permissions and cooperation in relation to maintenance and engineering requirements in the Property
29. Liaise and coordinate willingly and as required, with outside contractors, tasked with working in the Property
30. Willingly and ably assist and advise the Property Manager in regards to any reasonable request, as required


Key contacts

Luu Tuyet Hanh

Luu Tuyet Hanh

HR Manager
HR & Administration Dept.

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